Configuration Setting

1.) Product static URL:- 

From setting section you can find your product feed URL.


2.) Fruugo order:-  If you don’t want to manage the orders form the app, then you can off the Order Management from the app.

3.) Inventory Option:-  If you want to allow overselling to your products, means buyer always but the products when “Out-of-stock” then you can also allow “Shopify don’t track” inventory from the app.

4.) Auto product sync:- If you want to update the product information automatically from Shopify to app, then allow these settings.

5.) Product settings:- 

5.1 ) If allow product creation “Yes”

If you create any new product in your Shopify store of same Product type (which are already in the app) then it will automatically created in the app.

5.2) Product Custom Pricing:-

If you want to increase or decrease the pricing of the product in fixed or percentage form, you can do this from setting.

5.3) Set VAT rate:- You can also set the VAT rate for the products.

5.4) Set Discount Price:- You can also set a discount price with Vat Or with out Vat (fixed or %age) basis.

5.5) Set Discount Date:-  You can also set the date of discount on fruugo.

5.6) Fulfillment Lead Time:- You have to enter the number of days until the product will be dispatched.

5.7) Threshold Product Inventory:- You have to enter the MINIMUM stock of products (in numeric) below which inventory status is sent as Out-Of-Stock to fruugo.

5.8 ) Set Currency type:- You can also set the currency of products.

5.9) Set Manufacturer setting:- If you are manufacturer then it’s not mandatory to assign EAN’s for the products. Just allow “Yes” from setting.

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