SEO Dashboard


The SEO Dashboard gives you combined information about all your product listings in one place via different widgets. Let’s discuss what each widget does.

The “Listings Scorecard” widget



The listings scorecard widget tells you the average score of all your listings. It simply divides the sum of all the individual listing scores by the total number of listings and displays the result.

It also classifies your overall SEO performance as Good, Fair, and Bad.

The rule for this classification remains the same as that of individual listing quality scores. An overall score between 0 to 40 will be classified as Bad, An overall score between 40 to 60 will be classified as Fair, and an overall score between 60 to 100 will be classified as Good.

The “Listings Report” widget



The listings report widget simply shows you the count of your product listings that fall under each of the quality score categories, Minor, Moderate, and Critical respectively.

The “Sales Report” widget



The Sales Report widget shows you the total sales of your Etsy shop. You can set a custom time range to see the total sales in that duration. Click on the dropdown to access the time range selection panel as shown below.



On the left side of the panel, you can see a few predefined durations, but you can also select any custom range using the calendar. Click on the ‘Apply’ button in case you have selected a custom duration.

The “Top 5 critical listings” widget



This widget will show you 5 listings that have the worst quality score so that you can edit them and improve the score. The grid in this widget contains the following columns –

  • Image – Displays the primary image of the product
  • Product Title – Displays the title of the product along with the Etsy Listing Id and Shopify Product Id
  • Status – Displays the status of the product on Etsy
  • Performance – Displays the performance or quality score of the product
  • SEO Tips – Displays the number of tips available for a particular listing
  • Actions – The Actions column gives you the option to go to the Edit listing page and the View Listing page respectively.

We’ll discuss the Edit Listing and View Listing pages in detail after discussing the Listing Details page.

The FAQs panel



The FAQs panel contains questions related to Etsy SEO to help you better understand how you can improve your listing quality. With this, we have discussed everything on the SEO Dashboard. The next section will talk about the Listing Details Page.

Refreshing the Dashboard



The refresh dashboard function is used to update the dashboard to reflect any recent changes in the performance scores of your listings.


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