Price Template


The price template is useful when you want to price your products differently on Etsy as compared to Shopify. Without the Price template, the app will always keep prices the same on both Shopify and Etsy.


Pricing rules

There are 3 rules you can apply to the price of your products. Let’s take a look at them one by one.



Enable Price rounding

When you enable this rule, the app will round the price of products to the nearest .99 value. For example, if the price is $24.60, the app will round it to $24.99.


Note – This only works when the values are above 0.49. So $24.30 will not be rounded to $24.99. It will remain the same as the app never reduces the price on its own.


Enable compare at price

This rule will only work when you have provided a ‘Compare at price’ value on Shopify. The app will send the ‘compare at price’ value on Etsy rather than sending the actual price of the product.

For example, Let’s say on your Shopify store you have specified the price as $25 and the ‘compare at price’ as $30. Enabling this rule will list products on Etsy with the price of $30.


Enable custom pricing

This rule allows you to increase or decrease the price of your products either by a fixed value or a percentage of the original price.



  • Change type – Select ‘Increase’ or ‘Decrease’ from the dropdown.
  • Amount in – Select ‘Fixed’ or ‘Percentage’ from the dropdown.
  • Value – Provide a value by which the price will be increased or decreased.


Template Name

Once you have applied the pricing rules, give a name to the template and save it. Now your template is ready to be used in different profiles.


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