Etsy Return, Refund, and Exchange Policy

Etsy is the platform for sellers who independently run their creative stores. Every seller is responsible for their policies regarding refunds, returns, and exchanges of the items sold. Individual policies will vary as per the seller’s choice. The New Etsy Shop Return, Refund, and Exchange Policy allow sellers to select the desired return and refund time.

Note:- To find the Return, Refund, and Exchange template, click on Profiling of products in the App.

As a responsible seller, you must clearly state your policy regarding returns and exchanges in your listings.

  • Whether you are willing to accept a return/exchange or not?
  • What time frame do you want to put for the same?

Now, what does this New Policy says?

This Policy has been made for ease of return and exchange of items purchased by buyers. The Policy says that the return and exchange services are available from the seller’s end for a specific period. It depends on each seller how much return and exchange period they want to keep for their buyers. The days of return and exchange may vary from seller to seller. The Policy also gives an advantage to the sellers by implying no return exchange for their products.

Where do we find the Policy settings?

We can enable settings and customize them in the App itself. The CedCommerce Etsy Integration App has a template for return and exchange under the Profiling of the products section (Profiling) present.

You can find the options to select the return period per your wish.

  • Returns for 30 days
  • Returns for 45 days
  • Exchange for 30 days
  • Exchange for 45 days
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