Shipping policy

This is associated with the shipping services and charges that you provide to the buyers.

First of all, you need to enter the Shipping Profile Name in the field shown below:

You can choose one of the following Service Type (The shipping cost model offered by the seller. This is not returned for various calls since shipping type can be deduced):

i) Flat: This service includes choosing a fixed shipping price. You need to fill the details shown in the image below. This is applicable for both Domestic & International shipping services.

You can even opt for free shipping by marking the check-box.

ii) Calculated: the cost of shipping is determined in large part by the seller-offered and buyer-selected shipping service.

iii) Calculated Domestic Flat International: The seller specified one or more calculated domestic shipping services and one or more flat international shipping services.

iv) Flat Domestic Calculated International: The seller specified one or more flat domestic shipping services and one or more calculated international shipping services.

NOTE: For each Shipping service type you select, you have Domestic Shipping Services fields and International Shipping Service fields.

Let’s brief you on the fields to be filled the Shipping Services:

1) Handling Time: The handling time is the number of business days the seller will take to ship the item after receiving the cleared payment from the customer.

2) Shipping Service: offered by the seller to ship an item to a buyer who is located within the same country as the item.

3) Charges: The base cost of shipping one unit of the item using the shipping service specified in the corresponding Shipping Service field.

4) Additional Charges: The cost of shipping each additional item if the same buyer purchases multiple quantities of the same line item. This field is required when creating a multiple-quantity, fixed-price listing.

5) COD fee: This dollar value indicates the money due from the buyer upon delivery of the item.

6) Free Shipping: This boolean field indicates whether or not the corresponding domestic shipping service option is free to the buyer.

7) Promotional Shipping Discount: This specifies whether to offer the promotional shipping discount for the domestic shipping services of this listing (only applicable if the seller has a promotional shipping discount in effect at the moment).

8) Ship To Locations: An international location or region to which the seller is willing to ship, regardless of shipping service. The country of the listing site is added by eBay.

You can select an individual location for each Shipping Service option from below:

or you can set a location to all the Shipping Service options from the checkboxes as shown above.

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