Mass Actions

You can choose the desired products from the grid and perform the following actions:

i) Upload & Revise on eBay: List the selected Shopify product(s) from the grid on eBay in a single go.

ii) Sync Inventory: Have a track of the number of your products and convey the same on eBay through the app.

iii) Sync Details: This action will help to bring the edited/updated product details, if any, from Shopify to the app.

iv) End From eBay: This will help to remove the selected product(s) from eBay.

v) Export Details CSV:  From this section you can export a detailed CSV of selected products.

vi) Relist on eBay: Enables a seller to relist a listing that has recently ended on a specified eBay site.

Note: The app consists of relevant messages to guide you through each step you perform.



For Uploading selected products on eBay.

  1. Select the products from the checkbox.
  2. Click on the Mass Action dropdown.
  3. Click on ‘Upload & revise on the eBay‘ option.
  4. Select the respected profile for the products & Click on Upload

    The products will be uploaded on eBay and you can check the listings on eBay by clicking on the eBay Item ID.
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