Bulk Actions

Taxes, CSV actions, Shopify actions & eBay actions are collectively known as Bulk actions. These are the actions which can be performed on a group of products in a bulk.

1) Taxes

eBay doesn’t take responsibility for collecting or remitting sales taxes from sales on its site — this job falls squarely in the lap of the seller. The eBay Integration does offer a great tool to help you stay on top of your sales tax obligations. Here are a few tips for online sellers about eBay tax tables.

Create a tax table in your Shopify store if you sell in multiple states and set the “average” sales tax rate in each state.

You can import the Shopify tax table in the app. Here’s how to import your tax table:
1- Click on the Taxes icon on the product section.
2- Click on Update Taxes button.

Shopify’s taxes table will import into the app and get applied accordingly with the listings’ on eBay.

NOTE: If you are interested in setting up a tax table on eBay through our app, kindly let us know, and we will make this feature live for you.

2) CSV actions: 
You can export CSV of your products from the app, and also update your products by importing the updated CSV.


2.1- Export: This is for downloading CSV with product details.
2.2- Bulk update: Import the updated CSV to reflect the edits on the app.


3) Shopify actions: These actions cater to fetching details from Shopify and syncing with the app.


3.1- Import products: Fetch product details from Shopify to the app.
3.2- Sync inventory: Bring the product quantity details from Shopify to the app.
3.3- Sync details: Choose the fields which you want to be updated from Shopify to the app.

You can choose any of the following fields:


       3.4- Import collection products: Fetch the collection of products from Shopify to app.
       3.5- Import metafields of products: You can fetch the meta fields of products from Shopify to app.

4) eBay actions: These actions ensure updates on eBay.

4.1- Upload and revise: List the Shopify products from app to eBay. If the product is already available on eBay, this action helps you to sync the product details. If you do not have product on eBay then you can upload the same on eBay using this action.

4.2-Sync Inventory: This action helps you to sync your inventory on Shopify store with the app and post that with your eBay shop in just a few clicks.

4.3- Sync Details: Through this action you can sync the desired details such as Title & SKU  on Shopify store with the app and post that with your eBay shop in just a few clicks.

4.4- Match from eBay: This matches the Title or SKU for your already existing eBay products if you are an existing eBay seller. This is to avoid duplicacy while listing products on eBay.


How to upload you products in bulk

If you want to upload products in bulk on eBay.

1. Click on the eBay Actions dropdown.
2.Click on Upload & revise option
3.A box will appear asking you to Select the profile for the products
4) Select the respected profile & Click on Upload.

All the products of the selected profile will be uploade on eBay in bulk.

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