Import Metafields

Import Metafield

Meta-fields are the custom values which a seller can add to the products, customers, and orders. These fields are used to add extra values to products which make a product more specific. Meta-fields shows more information about the product, like the seller, can add comment or values to the product.


The main benefit of adding meta-field in your products is that meta-fields make a product more specific which make a product to appear more frequently in the search list. There are three fields in Meta-field:

  1. Namespace: In this field, you can write a specific comment, instruction about the product, which makes your meta-field different from other product ’s meta-field.
  2. Key: Name of the Meta-field.
  3. Value: The content of the Meta-field.

For Example: Inserting the meta-field of Shirt:

Namespace: Instruction

Key: Wash

Value: Cold

To know more about Meta-fields, click on the given link:


To manage Meta-fields in Shopify-Bonanza Integration App, Follow the following Steps:

Step 1: Open your Dashboard of Shopify-Bonanza integration App.

Step 2: Click on “Product option given in menu on the right of your dashboard.

Step 3: Select “Import profile” from the drop-down menu .

Step 4: Then you will receive a pop up for import updated trait XLSX

Step 5: Select Import Profile from Menu and Click on “Submit”  Button.

Step 6: After importing the meta-fields in your app from the Online Store, you need to upload your products once again.


Note:- If Seller already provided all the Meta-fields as per the bonanza marketplace, all the product will be mapped automatically or else seller has to map the category of each product manually.

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