The Walmart Marketplace is a kind of shopping website that offers significant discounts over other e-commerce Web sites such as eBay, Amazon. Walmart provides a rich set of APIs related to many other features such as sending product information, importing order, and refund generation.

Being a TRUSTED Walmart Partner, CedCommerce provides the best and flawless API Integration services. It provides an excellent support and an expert training to upload your Prestashop store products to Walmart through the Walmart Prestashop Integration extension.

This extension is an establishment of a real-time channel to feed product critical data directly to through API communication.

Hence, it helps the admin to bypass the complex procedure of uploading products on Walmart through CSV and affords the  handy mechanism to upload products directly on Walmart with some simple steps directly from your Prestashop Store through APIs.

It synchronizes the inventory, price, and other details of the product and order management between the Prestashop store and

It provides you an easy process of creating the Walmart Categories and its dependent attributes on the Prestashop store. It also enables you to establish a mapping of the desired product category on the Prestashop store for automatic submission of the selected product to the same category on

Key features are as follows:

  • User friendly Interface: Provides user friendly interface that delivers bulk management such as Product feed, Inventory feed, and Price feed.
  • Order Management: Provides Automated order acknowledgement, Auto Reject order, and imports Walmart orders automatically and converts it into regular Prestashop Orders.
  • Inventory Synchronization: Synchronizes product stock between the Prestashop store and the Walmart marketplace.
  • Easy Product Listing: Provides Bulk product upload feature with synchronized product edits. It means, admin can upload the number of products through one-step process.
  • Synchronized Product Edits: Product details altered in the Prestashop store causes the same changes in the corresponding products available on
  • Refund: Provides easily manageable refund creation process.
  • Promotion of Product: Admin can create Promotional prices of product on walmart on festivals and different occassions. The prices can vary with percent or fixed amount on walmart from store.



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