Manage Etsy Accounts

To manage Etsy Accounts:

  1. Go to the Prestashop admin panel.
  2. In the left navigation panel, place the cursor on Etsy Integration and the section expands as:
  3. Click on ‘Accounts’ 
    The tab appears as shown in the figure:
  4. In the Accounts, do the following steps:
    1. In this section, you can see all created Etsy accounts. If you need to create a New Account then click on the top right corner ‘Create New Account’ button.
      The page appears as shown in figure:
    2. In the Accounts, do the following steps:
      1. In the Status, choose ‘Enable’ to enable the module.
      2. You can get these details, Keystrings, and Shared secrets from Etsy seller Panel.
      3. Copy the details and paste them here and then click on ‘Authorize and Generate Token’ to get Access Token.
      4. Once you get the information, click on ‘Generate Refresh token’ to get the Refresh token.
      5. After that, Enter Shop Name and Application Name and then Click on ‘Save button’ to save the account Information.
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