Coolshop is an emerging North European online retailer and marketplace which initially started selling video games but soon branched out to numerous other categories including home decor and baby items. Coolshop originally began as a retailer in its own right in Denmark but has now expanded to Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and UK and has localized marketplaces available in all five countries.

Coolshop Integration for PrestaShop is an API integration that helps PrestaShop store owners to sell their products on Coolshop and also to synchronize inventory, price, and other product details for product creation and management between PrestaShop store and Coolshop marketplace. This integration facilitates the easy synchronization of your product orders, price, and inventory between your PrestaShop store and Coolshop marketplace.


Key Features are as follows:

Product Category Mapping: The admin using this extension can map numerous PrestaShop store categories to a single Coolshop marketplace category.

Profile-Based Pricing: This feature enables the admin to plan a variety of pricing strategies when selling a product or service on Coolshop marketplace. The profile-based pricing increases or decreases the product price on Coolshop marketplace.

Enabling, Disabling, and Deletion of Products: This extension facilitates the merchants to easily disable, enable or permanently delete their products on

Bulk Upload System: The vendor may upload a huge number of products on Coolshop marketplace using the bulk product upload feature.

Rejected Product Notification: If a product gets rejected by Coolshop due to the violation of Coolshop guidelines or invalid data, the merchants can see the details of the error according to the individual products in the module.

New Order Notification: The admin receives a notification on the registered email address whenever a new order is fetched from Coolshop marketplace.

Cron Management: Cron setting updates the product inventory, order, and price automatically, after a fixed interval of time.

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