Configuration Settings

Once the module has been installed, the first necessary step needs to be taken by the admin is to complete the Configuration.

To do the Configuration Settings,

  • Go to your OpenCart admin panel.
  • Click the Amazon option which is on the left navigation bar, as shown in the figure below:
  • From the menu that appears as shown in the image below, click on Settings.
  • On clicking Settings, you will be navigated to the Amazon Configuration page as shown below:
  • Under the API Details start filling the details.
  • In Module Status choose Enabled to enable the module. Without Enabling the module, all the changes made will not reflect on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Enter your Amazon Seller Id in the next section.
  • Choose the Marketplace Id from the drop-down menu.
  • The AWS Access Key ID and AWS Auth Key ID details are mentioned on your Amazon seller panel, Enter these details here.
  • To retrieve these you need to move to your Amazon seller account:
    • Log in to your Amazon Seller Account.
    • On the top right side of the Amazon seller central, place cursor on Settings.
    • When the menu appears, click User Permission.

    • You will be navigated to the User Permission page which looks like this:
    • There are three possible cases in these:
    • Case 1: You Are Already Have An Amazon Developer Account

Note: Directly Move on to Case 2 or Case 3 if you don’t have an Amazon developer account.

      1. In this case, you need to scroll down to Amazon MWS Developer Access Keys section and click on View Developer Credential Buttons. 
      2. Click on it and you will be redirected to the Developer Central Page where all the desired info is listed:
      3. Click on View Button and all the details will appear:
      4. The required Aws Acess Key Id and the Secret Key is mentioned here.
    • Case 2: You don’t have a developer account – Want CedCommerce To Create For You

      1. Go to the User Permission page of the Amazon Seller Central and move to the Third-party developer and apps. The page appears as shown:
      2. Click on Visit Manage Your Apps Button and you’ll be redirected to Manage your Apps Page.
      3. Click on Authorize new Developer to allow CedCommerce to aid in creating a amazon developer account for you.
      4. You will be redirected to
      5. Enter the Name and ID provided by one of our customer executives and you are good to go.
    • Case 3: You do not have a seller account and you want to create your own account.

      • In this case go to the User Permission Page of the Amazon Seller Central.Click on Visit Developer Credentials under the heading Amazon MWS Developer Access Keys.
      • A form opens up for new sellers to register.
      • Fill the form and retrieve the access key as the same in case 1.
    • Once you get the Aws Acess Key Id and the Secret Key from here move back to the Opencart panel to fill all these necessary details.
  • In the Secret Key section, enter the Secret Key provided by Amazon marketplace. This is a mandatory field and you can not proceed without filling the details in this section.
  • Now move to the Order Settings section.
  • In Email  For Amazon Orders, enter the email id on which you want to get notified about the Amazon orders via mail.
  • In Fulfilment Latency, enter the number of days in which you can deliver the orders.
  • In Price Variation from Store select the default store from which you wish you to select the price of your products.
  • Enable / Disable the Cron synchronization from Enable Cron Sync.
  • If you wish to update the Inventory after every edits then select Enable under the Update Inventory Edit.
  • Similarly in case of edit in price select Enable or Disable under the Update Price On Edit.
  • In case you wish to update all the information after edits then select Enabled under Update Whole Info.
  • In Debug Mode, select Enable if you want the Debug log to be created.
  • Now move to the last section of Settings ie. Cron Settings.
  • There are 4 Crons mentioned below:
    • Product Upload
    • Sync Quantity
    • Sync Price
    • Fetch Order.


  • Click on the Save Button to save all the settings as shown:

  • A confirmation message appears as shown below:
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