MercadoLibre is the biggest eCommerce platform in Latin America. It operates in 19 countries including Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
Mercado Libre provides with the Cross Border Trade(CBT) Program through which the international sellers can sell in Latin America. This Mercado Libre CBT is presently working in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. Having more than 600 million customers it focuses on providing the eCommerce to everyone and everywhere in Latin America. Mercado Libre CBT is a platform that has made selling easier for merchants through a single account to sell products in Latin America.

Cedcommerce provides you with an effective way to sell on MercadoLibre CBT Magento Integration and to boost your revenue. This integration helps international sellers with various features to reach the audience of Latin America. The Magento framework helps the store owners to expand their business from a single platform.

Key Features:

The Features of MercadoLibre CBT Magento integration  for the smooth selling of the products for merchants are listed below:

Bulk Upload Technology: You have the flexibility to upload the number of products on MercadoLibre CBT using the bulk product upload feature.

Profile Based Product Upload: Enables the admin to create a profile based on the single category, and then assign the products to the profile to automate the product upload.

Auto Synchronization: Auto synchronizes the product listing, order, inventory, and pricing at regular intervals between Magento and MercadoLibre CBT.

Product Data Validation: The extension enables validation of the product information in accordance with MercadoLibre CBT standards and values.

Automated Order Fetch: It eases the process of orders being fetched from MercadoLibre CBT to your Magento store automatically with the help of crons.

Notifications Emails: Admin receives notification for new order creation, low stock, and if the product is rejected from MercadoLibre CBT.

Auto Shipment through 3rd Party Software Integration: Provides you an ability to automatize the process of shipment with ShipStation, ShipWorks,, Linnworks, XTENTO, Shiprush.

Magento Orders Creation: The newly placed orders on MercadoLibre CBT are automatically created in the Magento store with all the required details as it is on MercadoLibre CBT.

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