Linio, one of the major Latin American marketplaces. Linio sellers have access to a massive market of over 300 million people with a presence in 5 countries. Linio marketplace helps the sellers in easier steps to start selling on Linio.  It has more than 5 million customers and 2 million products in the catalog.

Linio Integration for Magento helps you to expand your business and generate the revenue as it interacts with Linio API’s to connect your Magento store to Linio. It also provides you with an opportunity to cover a wide range of customers in the Latin America Region.

Key Features:

  • Magento Order Creation: Newly placed order on Linio gets imported into Magento store with all the required details as it on
  • Bulk Product Upload: Admin gets the authority to upload bulk product on Linio by just selecting the products in bulk and upload in one go.
  • Auto Synchronisation:  Auto synchronization of the product listing, order, inventory, return and refund, and pricing at regular intervals is established between Magento and
  • Product Data Validation:  Extension enables you to validate the product in accordance with Linio standards and value.
  • Product Category Mapping: Follow many to one category mapping philosophy. Many categories of the Magento store can be mapped to a single category of Linio.
  • Email Notification: Admin receives notification for new order creation, low stock availability, or if any product is rejected from Linio due to invalid data.


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