Online sellers spend a reasonable amount of time planning and executing their marketing strategies but often forget to understand the real essence of inbound marketing. HubSpot takes care of all these troubles and comes with state-of-the-art insights and tools. HubSpot includes content management, social media management, web analytics, etc. 

Shopify is a giant e-commerce platform that hosts online stores and helps them to sell products online. To cope with the challenges in online sales, revenue generation, and customer acquisition Cedcommerce came up with the best in class HubSpot Integration solution for all scale businesses. With the HubSpot Integration, online store owners can sync their Shopify store data into the HubSpot Account.

Features at Glance

Store’s Data Syncing:

Shopify store data includes customer data, order data, product data, and other data that are synced with a HubSpot account can be used for future analysis and segment customers. Data is synced in real-time, increasing the efficiency of marketing efforts.

Leverage HubSpot Automation- Hasslefree email marketing, analytics, and insights to mark the presence of the online sellers to their target clientele.

Abandoned cart Recovery:

To procure the recovery, HubSpot Shopify integration enables sellers to send personalized emails to the customers from the HubSpot panel; this method helps sellers convert potential customers to revenue-generating customers.

Reduce Churn rate:

With good insights from HubSpot, merchants can reduce churn rates from their e-store. Merchants can identify the factors leading to bounce rate and churn rate increase and make strategies accordingly.

Smart list creation– HubSpot Integration solutions help to segment customer data based on specific criteria e.g. Big Spender, Loyal Customers, Churning Customers, New Customers. Automatic Smart lists are created to help in the process of engaging new or existing customers. Future strategies, offers/discounts can be decided by the analysis of the Smart list that are based on customer characteristics and their purchase history.

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