Turn On Vacation Settings

The vendor can turn on vacation settings from his vendor panel at frontend by logging into his account and selecting “Vacation Settings” from the left navigation menu.

  1. Status
    This can be set as “Active” if the vendor has to go on vacation and as “Inactive”,

  2. Message on Vacation
    This field includes the message that needs to be displayed at the vendor shop page and along-with the products as well. The message to be included here can be any kind of descriptive message which the vendor wants his customers to see while he’s on vacation.

  3. Vacation From
    The date from which the vendor will be on leave has to be entered here.

  4. Vacation To
    The date till which the vendor will be on vacation has to be entered here.
    The “From Date” and “To Date” specify the time period of the vacation of the vendor.

  5. Shop Orders
    The vendor can select the status of his shop as:-
    1. Disable
      The vendor can disable his shop while he’s on vacation. This will disable all the products of his shop and the customers cannot see any of the products of his shop till the time he is on vacation.
    2. Enable but not be sold
      This option will allow the customers to view the products of the vendor but cannot add them to cart i.e. the customer cannot purchase the products of the vendor till the time he’s on vacation.
    3. Can buy
      Choosing this option will allow the customers not only to see the products of vendor’s shop but also to add them to cart, but, these products will be delivered to the customers only after the vendor is back from his vacation. On selecting this option, a mail will be sent to the customers after they place the order.


After all the settings are being made, the “Submit” button should be clicked so as to save the Vacation Settings.

If a vendor never returns from his vacation within the specified period then his shop will automatically get enabled after his vacation time limit is over.

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