Hyperlocal Webstore with customer Frontend panel

A hyperlocal website is Configured and completely setup after the complete setting done by admin as well as vendor wherever required. As Hyperlocal Solution is a Marketplace Solution so different vendor with there different location will signup them self as a seller and sell there product for a specific and desired location only.

Now Detecting the Customer Location

As per the Google, Location Based Service used in the solution, and the API provided by the admin at the configuration panel, customer location is auto-detected if not blocked from customer browser or will be required manually, so that the vendor and the product delivered by a vendor in that area display the customer, accordingly.

Note: If the customer has not provided the location detail he will be able to see all the 
vendor and all the product available globally on the marketplace, but at the time of checkout when he put the address detail the condition of product delivery area will be validated at 
that time.

When the customer lands to the homepage on the top bar he has an option to put the pin code Manually. There is even an automatic popup window that appears where he adds his location (pin code/city)


if a customer wants to change the location further he can manage that by clicking on “Enter pin code” area where the current Pincode is displaying.

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