Default Profiling

Step 3: Profile Configuration

  • Once you have successfully connected the plugin with TikTok Shop and mapped default attributes, you need to select a category to list your product on TikTok Shop. By doing so, if you do not create separate profiles, your products will be uploaded with this default category automatically.
  • After that, you need to map the attributes that will enhance the visibility of your product catalog for buyers across your TikTok Shop. To do so, you need to –
  • Choose a default category.

  • Then map its associated mandatory/ required attributes.

  • Now set variation Attribute, i.e., color and specification. You can choose more than one Magento attribute for both colour and specification.

(Note: Providing at least one variant or color attribute is mandatory for TikTok Shop)

  • Thirdly, set recommended attributes, which are not mandatory but will help your product rank better on TikTok Shop and help buyers get a better understanding of the product.

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