Attribute Value Mapping

To map attributes,

  1. Go to the Magento 2 Admin Panel.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on The Bay Integration menu.
    The menu appears as shown below:
  3. Click on Attribute Value Mapping. The page appears as shown below:
  4. To add a new mapping, click on Add New Mapping.
    The New Mapping page appears as shown below:
  5. In Thebay Attribute Label, enter the exact attribute code of The Bay attribute for which you want to create value mapping.
  6. In Magento Attribute, select the Magento Attribute from the list.
  7. Then map Thebay Attribute Label with Magento Attribute Label.
  8. Click on Save Mapping.
    The mapping will be saved and displayed on the mapping grid.
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