The Bay is one of the largest online marketplaces based in Canada offering a huge consumer base of about 5.7 million loyal customers to sellers. It further offers a wide selection of products & brands online where the marketplace alone accounts for about 3.7 percent share in the apparel market.

The Bay Integration for Magento by CedCommerce is an automated eCommerce solution that helps sellers connect their stores and marketplace accounts. So, they can manage and monitor everything from a centralized platform. It further saves sellers’ time and reduces workload by converting manual repetitive tasks into automated ones.

Key Features-

  1. Profile Based Product Upload- Sellers can upload products based on the profiles created by mapping the attributes and categories.
  2. Synchronised Inventory- The inventory status and stocks at the marketplace are automatically updated at regular intervals of time using crons.
  3. Bulk Upload System- The extension uploads products in bulk on the marketplace with just a single click, saving the seller’s time and effort.
  4. Rejected Products Update- The seller is updated about the products that get rejected along with the details of the error due to which it is rejected.
  5. Streamline Order Processing- The extension automates end-to-end sales & purchase, order import, and shipment processes.
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