Enable Store Locator Features

Store Locator Extension feature allows the admin to create multiple stores. The admin has to enable Store Locator Extension configuration setting.

To enable store locator extension:

  1. Go to the Admin panel.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click the STORES menu, and then click Configuration.
    The page appears as shown in the following figure:
    This page consist of certain settings the description is as follows:
    1. Enable StorePickup: The admin can choose either “yes” or “no” based on the requirement to show the Store pickup in the admin panel.
    2. Maximum Limit to Search: The admin can add the distance in km to allow the customer to search for the store.
    3. Search Will Be in Multiple of:  The admin can add, the distance in multiple of.
    4. Google API Key: The admin needs to generate Google API in order to use the Google map.
    5. Banner: The admin can upload the file that the admin wants to use a banner.
    Once, the admin have made the changes, click on the Save button to save the configuration.

Once, the admin clicks on the save button, the admin would receive a success message “You saved the configuration”

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