Manage Proposal Orders from the Admin Panel

The admin can view all the Proposal Order details available on the Manage Proposals page. As the Proposal is created, the status of the Proposal appears as Pending/Not yet ordered/Ordered.
Here are some of the statuses of the Proposal from sending the Proposal to confirming the Order. The same statuses are reflected on the My Quote’s page of the User account, based on the corresponding status appearing on the Manage proposals page of the Admin panel.

  • Not yet ordered: When the Proposal is created and no action is taken by the user.
    Note: On the Front-end view Add to cart option Available.
  • Ordered:  When the user places the order.

To view the Proposals details: 

  • Go to the Admin panel.
  • On the left navigation bar, click the REQUEST FOR QUOTATION menu, and then click Manage Proposals.
    The Manage POs page appears as shown in the following figure:



  • Scroll down to the required Proposals.
  • In the Action column of the PO row, click the View.


Similarly, customer can check the proposal From the customer page, by login/sign-in to customer panel-> My account-> My Quotes-> View Quotes.



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