Once the Vendor CMS add-on is installed, the admin has enabled the add-on from the Admin panel, the vendors can view the Manage Vendor CMS and the Manage Static Block options are available on the Vendor CMS menu.

In the Vendor panel, the vendors can view the management links, create and manage the CMS page and Static Blocks. The created CMS pages and the Static Blocks appear in the grid available in the Vendor panel. Hence, Vendor has the access to the additional features to preview, filter, sort, modify and delete the pages easily.

The Vendor CMS add-on provides the vendors an ability to change the layout, content, design, and so on from the vendor panel through creating multiple content management system(CMS) and static blocks with the help of their own content and the layout style. With the Vendor CMS add-on, the vendor can manage the pages on multiple stores and multiple Web sites view as per the requirement.

Note: To get reflected in the front-end view, the Vendors CMS pages and static blocks need an Admin Approval only if it is set to yes on the Configuration page of the Admin panel. Otherwise, they are auto-approved.

Key Features are as follows:

  • Enables the vendors to create Multiple Content Management System Pages and Static Blocks for the multiple Web sites and the Stores.
  • Enables the vendors an ability to customize the layout of the Vendor Shop page.
  • Enables the Vendors to create multiple additional links and pages such as FAQ, Terms & Condition, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy to show additional information on their Shop page.
  • Provides a facility to the admin to check the CMS pages or Static Blocks created by the vendor.
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