Configuration Settings

Once the sellers have installed the extension, they can proceed with configuration settings.

To configure the extension,

  1. Go to your ChatGPT Magento 2 admin panel.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on CedCommerce Integrator.
    The menu appears as shown below:Configuration-Settings-ChatGPT
  3. Click on Configuration, and you will be navigated to the configuration page as shown below:ChatGPT content generator configuration setting
  4. Click on the Ced API Settings, and the section will expand as follows:Configuration-API-Settings-ChatGPT
    • In Enabled, select Yes to enable the extension.
    • In API Key, enter the key which you get from OpenAI.
      Note: If you don’t have the ChatGPT API key, click on the link below and fetch it from your account.
    • Once you enter the API key, click on Validate to validate your account.
    • In Validation Status, you can see if the credentials are valid or not.
  5. Click on Ced AI Content Generating Settings, and the section will expand as follows:Configuration-AI-Content-Generating-Settings-ChatGPT
    • In Select Attributes, AI generates the content for selected attributes
    • In Product Attributes, you can select the attributes for which you want AI to generate product content
      • Click on Add Row to add new product attributes and set its Character Limit
      • Click on the drop-down arrow(1) to change the existing Product Attribute. You can also increase/decrease the character limit(2) for each Product Attribute.drop-down-add-product-attribute
      • Click on the Bin icon to remove the Product Attribute for which you don’t want AI to generate content.
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