Amazon Affiliate Program extension for Magento 2, developed by CedCommerce enables the Magento users to connect with Amazon Affiliate program to advertise or offer its products on their website and earn commissions.

With the help of this extension, the store owner can easily setup different prices offered at Amazon, such as Sale Price, Offer Price, or Regular Price. In case of product variations, this extension provides a flexibility to fetch all the variants of the products such as color, size, fabric, and so on.

Since, adding the products one by one makes a lengthy and difficult process; using this extension the store owner can easily import all the products in bulk. Adding the products to the cart from the Magento store redirects the product purchasing process to the Amazon’s website and the store owners do not have to bother about the checkout and payment process.

Thus, the extension in accordance with Affiliate APIs of Amazon, enables the Magento 2 store owners to perform all the activities that facilitates the fetching of the Amazon product data to their websites, advertising the products, and then redirecting the purchase process back to the Amazon website. Hence provides a very good opportunity to earn the commissions through the advertisements.

Key features are as follows:

  • Imports items information such as description, images, and reviews.
  • Enables products import in bulk from Amazon.
  • Imports products based on ASIN, Keywords, category-wise.
  • Separate Cart for Amazon and Magento Products.
  • Though the front-end users are allowed to add items to the Shopping Cart on the Magento store, the checkout is processed on Amazon.
  • Synchronization of product price, image, description, and availability of products.
  • Enables fetching of Product variation data such as color, size, fabric, and so on.


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