How to get API details for adding an account?

Go to the Zalora seller center and sign in by entering the email address and password.

Zalora Integration For WooCommerce

Click on the setting section, choose to manage users, and then click on add user. Get the API details as shown in the screenshot and manage users from the settings dropdown.

Zalora Integration For WooCommerce

Once the account is created, select on the Configure tab as shown below.

Zalora Integration For WooCommerce

Zalora Account Details

The account details section will reflect all the details you have mentioned during the process of adding your account, and you can also update the account status to Active/Inactive.

Zalora Integration For WooCommerce


Schedulers sync the product data on your Zalora store from your WooCommerce store automatically.

Zalora Integration For WooCommerce

You can set the schedulers for auto-update price and stock on Zalora, auto fetch orders from Zalora, and sync already existing products on Zalora based on SKU.

  1. Auto Update Price and Stock On Zalora –This feature updates the price and stock information of the products from the WooCommerce store to the Zalora marketplace regularly at the selected time interval.
  2. Auto Fetch Orders from Zalora –With the plugin’s help, you can pull all the Zalora orders and create them in the WooCommerce store, thereby making the stock level even once the order is created.
  3. Sync already existing Products based on SKU –This feature will sync all the existing products on Zalora and WooCommerce both with the help of SKU.

The scheduler helps in the automatic syncing of your data and keeps the store up-to-date.

Save and move to category mapping.

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