Global Settings

The feature provides all the configuration related to the product and order sync between Reverb marketplace and the WooCommerce store.

Meta keys and attributes list:

  • The Meta-keys and Attributes List section will help you to choose the required meta-keys or the specific attributes on which the product information is stored. These meta-keys or attributes will be further be used in the product export setting products on Reverb from WooCommerce.
  • For selecting the required meta-keys or attributes expand the meta-keys and attributes list section enter the product name/keywords and the list will be displayed under this section.
  • Select the meta-keys or attributes as per requirement and save the setting.

Product Export Setting: It is mandatory to fill in or map the required attributes in the product export setting section.
Product Export
Order Configuration
You can easily configure the order-related settings in Order Configuration.
Order Setting

  • Show Reverb order number instead of woocommerce order id: Use Reverb order number instead of woocommerce order id when creating Reverb order in woocommerce.
  • Fetch Reverb order by status: Choose the order status to be fetched from the Reverb.

To automate the process related to inventory management, order management, and enable the features as per requirement in Schedulers.

  • Auto Fetch order from Reverb: Auto fetch Reverb orders and create in woocommerce.
  • Auto Update Tracking: Auto-update tracking information on Reverb if using the shipment tracking plugin.
  • Auto-update Inventory from Woocommerce: Auto-update price and stock from woocommerce to Reverb.
  • Auto Upload product to Reverb: Products are automatically uploaded from the WooCommerce store to the Reverb marketplace. You need to enable the auto-upload product to the Reverb feature and enable/select the categories that you want to upload in the profiles section.
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