Overview of VidaXL

One of the Leading Cross Border eCommerce Marketplace, VidaXL, gets 500K guests every month. Propelled in 2008, VidaXL has now just about 11 years of involvement with giving a stage to Sellers over the world.

VidaXL has a nearness in three Continents and this carries open access to in excess of a billion clients. Simple Integration and a two-advance procedure of onboarding diminish the planning time.

VidaXL Integration for WooCommerce lets you integrate product listing form WooCommerce Store directly to VidaXL without fuss. With this extension, admins are allowed to easily manage products, stock, price and automate orders without a hitch.

Key Features are as follows:

  • Product listing: Facilitates in listing products smoothly on VidaXL. Automated handling of Stocks and inventory, reduces the manual record-keeping process.
  • Bulk uploading of product: Smoothly uploads any number of products on VidaXL using the bulk upload feature.
  • Synchronize Existing Products on the basis of Identifiers: Using EAN of the existing products on your WooCommerce Store, synchronize the inventory to VidaXL automatically, without creating a new product.
  • Product Category Mapping: The Product Category Mapping is Endorsed with Many to one Mapping Model, which implies, mapping multiple WooCommerce store categories to one VidaXL Category.
  • Inventory and Price Updation: Real-time inventory and price updation feature means inventory get updated automatically on the store as well as on VidaXL.
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