Attribute Mapping On Spartoo

To map the attributes on Spartoo:

  • Go to your Woocommerce admin panel, below the CedCommerce Menu which is on the left navigation bar.
  • Click on the Spartoo section of the panel as shown in the image below:
  • On clicking Spartoo, it will appear a page you where you will click on Attribute Mapping to map the attributes as shown in the image below:
  • In this attribute mapping section, you have to firstly select the checkbox of the second dropdown named COLOR where you will select the color of your product attribute.
  •  Once done, then select the next dropdown place before +(plus) sign where you will select the attributes of spartoo as mentioned in the image shown below:
  • All you have to make sure that the order in which colors are selected in the same order the category-specific should also be selected.
  • Also, instead of selecting them one by one manually select them more than one by pressing the CTRL and then select the Spartoo attribute value.
  • Once done click on the “SAVE” to save the attributes selected by you.
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