Manage Profiles

Profile-based product uploading provides the admin a facility to create a group of the required products those have common meta-keys, and then upload those products at one go through uploading that profile (created group). In other words, admin can create a new profile and assign it to the group of those products, and then upload the profile on Sears; it saves the time of making the same changes in each meta-keys of each and every product.

It means, rather than making the changes in the common meta-keys of each and every product, admin can create a profile and assign it to all the products having common meta-keys, and thus make the changes in the meta-keys available on the profile page.

While creating and editing the profile, admin can select the product and the corresponding meta-keys. These meta-keys are applicable to all the products that are assigned to the profile.

Admin can perform the following tasks:

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