Product Management

This section lets you perform multiple operations such as Upload/Update products from your store to Etsy. To perform any operation from the Bulk Actions dropdown, you need to select the product using the checkbox on the left side in the product list column and hit the Apply button. You will get a notification for each performed operation.

  • Product Upload– Uploading products one by one consumes hours. The bulk upload feature adds all your products on etsy in one go.


  • Product Update– Update the details of already uploaded products on Etsy with the plugin’s help.

  • Update Inventory– The plugin helps you keep track of your inventories which lets you stay updated and helps you avoid overselling. You can update your inventory using the update inventory feature.


  • Remove products– You can also remove products which you do not want to sell any longer. Once you remove the items, they will not be shown on Etsy.

Upload the products based on different Filters-

  • Select the product status as uploaded / not uploaded.
  • Select the product category.
  • Select the product type as simple or variable.
  • Select stock status from the dropdown as in stock or out of stock.
  • Select bulk action. From the dropdown menu, choose upload/update products, upload inventory, or remove products. Click on apply.
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