Walmart Ca Integration also helps to manage orders. You can easily manage orders from the app itself. The app fetches the incoming orders from Walmart Ca and syncs them with your Shopify store.

Different types of order status

The orders are classified into the following five types:Orders

Ready: When a new order is created on, it comes under the Ready status.

Completed: When an order gets shipped on Walmart Ca, it comes under the Completed status.

Acknowledged: When the app auto-acknowledges a new order, it comes under the Acknowledged status.

Canceled: If you cancel an order on, it comes under the Canceled status.

Failed: If an order fails because of insufficient inventory or missing SKUs, it will be in the Failed status.

Some More Actions

You can perform the following actions also from the order section:

Fetch Orders: To fetch the new orders from to the app, click Fetch orders. If available, the new orders will be fetched from and listed on the page, and a success message appears. If there are no new orders on Walmart Canada, a relevant message appears on the screen.

Ship Orders: To update the shipment information(tracking details) of orders on, click Ship Orders.

Update Order Status: If the order status is not updated on the app, you can manually update it by clicking Update Order Status under More Action.

Cancel Order: To cancel an order, click three dots under the Action column, and click Cancel order. The order gets canceled.





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