Product Linking Section

Product Linking is an essential feature for merchants who are already selling on Shein and wish to integrate their Shein store with their Shopify store. This integration enables you to synchronize and manage your product listings across both platforms efficiently. By linking your existing Shein products with their corresponding Shopify counterparts, you can eliminate the hassle of duplicate listings and ensure accurate product information.

This section is divided into two lists to help you manage your product linking efficiently:

  • Linking Required: Displays products that need to be linked between Shein and Shopify.

Linking required products

  • Linked: Lists Shein products that have been successfully linked with Shopify products.

linked products

Import from Shein

For each product in these lists, you can view important details such as Image, Shopify Product SPUs, Inventory, and Shein Status and take actions related to product linking.

Product Linking Process

Matching SKUs

To successfully link a Shein product with a Shopify product, it’s essential to match the SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) of both. So, ensure that the SKU of the Shopify product corresponds to the SKU of the Shein product you wish to link.

Variations Matching

Products with the same number of variations can be mapped together. Make sure that the variations in your Shopify product align with those on Shein for accurate linking.

NOTE: For Shein products that have been successfully linked with their corresponding Shopify products, the app will manage the price and inventory.

Actions for Unlinked Products

For products that require linking, take the following steps:

  • Search for the product that needs to be linked and click on ‘Link’ in the Actions section.

select product for linking

  • Search for the corresponding Shopify product, ensuring it has the same number of variants.

link shein products with shopify products

  • Select the product and click on ‘Link & Proceed’.

link shein products with shopify products

  • Finally, click on ‘Confirm Linking’.

link shein products with shopify products with Shein CedCommerce Integration

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