Failed Orders Section

This section provides a detailed view of orders that have encountered issues during processing. It’s crucial to address these failed orders promptly to ensure a smooth and efficient selling experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to navigate this section and take corrective actions.

failed orders

The Failed Orders section displays a list of orders that have failed during processing. Each entry includes essential information such as the order date, total cost, payment status, number of items, and the reason for the order failure. Understanding the cause of these failures is the first step in resolving them.

Reasons for Order Failure

Failed orders typically fall into two main categories:

SKU Not Found

What It Means: This error occurs when the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) specified for a product in your listing is not recognized or found in the Shein database.

Impact: The product linked to the SKU cannot be located on Shein, leading to order failure.

Resolution: To resolve this issue, review your product listings and ensure that Shopify SKUs match those specified on Shein. You may need to re-link or re-map products to Shein’s database.

Inventory Not Available

What It Means: This error indicates that the inventory of a product required to fulfill an order is not available in your Shein store.

Impact: The ordered product cannot be fulfilled due to insufficient stock, potentially resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Resolution: To address this issue, check your Shopify inventory levels and ensure that you have adequate stock for the products in question. Then, update your inventory on Shein to reflect the correct stock levels.

Navigating the Failed Orders Section

To effectively manage and resolve failed orders, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Section: Navigate to the Failed Orders section.
  2. Review Failed Orders: In this section, you’ll find a list of orders that have failed, along with details about each order, including the reason for failure.
  3. Identify the Error: Examine the reason for each failed order to determine whether it’s due to an SKU not found or inventory unavailability.
  4. Take Corrective Action: Based on the cause of the failure, take appropriate actions:
  • For SKU Not Found Errors:
  1. Check your product listings on Shein and ensure that SKUs are correctly mapped.
  2. Re-link or re-map products as needed to resolve the issue
  • For Inventory Not Available Errors:
  1. Verify your Shein inventory levels for the affected products.
  2. Update your inventory on Shein to ensure that stock is available for fulfilling orders.

Additional Failed Order Errors

  • Product Not Found: This error occurs when the specified product cannot be located.
  • Duplicate Order Found in Shopify: This error indicates that an identical order already exists in your Shopify store.
  • Missing Customer Information: This error happens when crucial customer details like name, phone number, or email address are absent.
  • Inventory Reservation Failed: This error suggests that the product is currently out of stock, and inventory cannot be reserved.
  • Invalid Line Items: This error can result from various issues such as inactive, deleted, or unavailable products.
  • Invalid Shipping Address: This error signifies that the shipping address provided is either missing or invalid.
  • Invalid Billing Address: This error indicates that the billing address provided is either missing or invalid.
  • Incorrect Customer Email: This error happens when the customer’s email address is incorrect or improperly formatted.

You can also manage shipment on Shein CedCommerce Integration. However, if the tracking ID of your order is missing on Shopify, the app will not be able to ship orders on Shein.

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