Sales Order

Admin can perform the following tasks on the Sales Orders page:

  • Fetch Pricefalls Orders
  • Sync Shopify Shipment
  • View Sales Order details

Click Sales Orders.

The Pricefalls Order Details page appears as shown in the following figure:


Pricefalls Shopify Integration


  • To fetch the new orders from Pricefalls, click the Fetch Pricefalls Orders button.
  • The new orders if available are fetched from Pricefalls and are listed on the page and a success message appears. If the new order is not created on Pricefalls, then the relevant message appears on the page.
  • To update the shipment information of the order on Pricefalls, click the Sync Shopify Shipment button. On Scheduled time it will be Shipped on Pricefalls.
  • The shipment information is updated successfully and a success message appears on the page. If there is no order ready to ship, then the relevant message appears on the page.
  • Synchronize Pricefalls Orders: To create order on Shopify offer real-time working on Shopify.


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