Shipping Speed Mapping

Here you can map the Shopify shipping rates with the Amazon MCF shipping speeds (Expedited, Standard & Priority). Mapping MCF shipping speed with Shopify shipping rate(s) notifies MCF which shipping speed to use for the order fulfillment based on the shipping rate your customer has selected at the time of checkout on your Shopify store.

Shipping Speed Mapping

1. Default Shipping Speed: If the customer chooses a shipping rate on Shopify that is not mapped with any MCF Shipping speed, then you can choose a default MCF shipping speed to fulfill orders in this case.

2. Advance Shipping Mapping: Here you need to map an MCF Shipping speed with the corresponding local Shopify shipping rate(s) for domestic fulfillment & international shipping rate(s) for each country where you deliver for international fulfillment.

💡Note: If you have made any changes to shipping rates on your Shopify store then you need to sync the updated rate with the app by clicking on “Sync Shopify Shipping Rates”.

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