How to install and configure Google Shopping & Google Ads?

Get the Google Shopping & Google Ads Integration App on the Shopify App Store. Here’s the link: It’s time to complete the configuration of the app.

How To Complete The Configuration Of App

Now moving ahead, first of all, you need to complete the registration and basic configuration of the app. This will help you to connect the App to your Google merchant center account.

Complete some basic steps –

1. Registration

Enter the details like your name, contact no, email address, skype id, timing zone, etc. These details will help us to connect with you at your preferable time. By completing this you will move ahead to the next step.

2. Account Linked-

Connect your Shopify account with the Google Merchant Center. You just need to click on the connect button and you will redirect to your Google Merchant Center panel. Allow permissions after logging in with your Google Account and then you will be redirected to the app at the next step.

3. Choose a plan

In the next step, choose a plan for the app. There are 3 plans available, you can select a plan according to your convenience. The plans are- Starter Plan, Gold Plan and Platinum Plan. Once you have selected a plan then you need to confirm the payment, and you will move to the next step. Apart from this, your 7 days trial would be added in the subscription.

4. Default Configurations-

In this step, you need to select the destination for your products. Enter the information regarding Shipping Settings-

● Target Country – In which you want to sell your products.

● Content Language – In which language is your product’s information.

● Currency – The currency for your products.

● Included Destinations – Include your services like Shopping, Shopping actions, and Display ads.

By completing these steps, you will redirect to Import/Upload section of app.


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