Manage Products

Shopify store owners can manage the products with the help of this feature. They can view the products details such as the product type, Image, Product Status, quantity, price, etc on the Manage Products page or on the editing page. They can also edit the product information.

They can also perform the following tasks:

Points To remember

  • All the products having valid SKUs are retrieved from the Shopify store. If there is any product with no SKU, then it is not listed on Fruugo Marketplace Integration app.
  • Each variant must have unique SKU for every product. If any product has duplicate SKU, then it conflicts with the SKU at the time of product upload.
  • To upload any products on Fruugo, products must have Barcode (UPC, ISBN-10, GTIN-14, ISBN-13) with it. Admin can add or Update the Barcode(UPC, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, GTIN-14) from the Manage Product section of the Shopify admin panels.
  • Product price must be assigned to each product. Admin can update the product price while editing the product from the app.
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