VidaXL Configuration Settings

Once the module gets installed, you get navigated to the Configuration page.

To perform Configuration settings:

  • Go to the Prestashop Admin panel.
  • In the left navigation panel, place cursor on VidaXL Integration and the section expands as:
  • Now click on VidaXL Integration:
  • Now click on VidaXL configuration and the configuration settings page opens up:
  • There are 4 types of configuration settings:
    • API
    • Product
    • Order
    • Cron
  • You must begin one by one. First is the API Configuration Settings:
  • Select Yes in the Enable part so that your module gets enabled.
  • In API Mode, select from Sandbox or Production. The sandbox mode is for testing and the Production mode is for the live changes on VidaXL Marketplace.
  • Enter your VidaXL API Key in the next section. This is available on your VidaXL Seller Panel.
  • In Debug Mode, select Enable if you want the Debug log to be created.


Product Configuration:

  • In Image Type, choose the image type to export from the dropdown menu.
  • In Update product on edit, the details of the product will vary as you make changes or edit the product.


Order Configuration:

  • In the Customer Order Mail, you need to provide the Email to create order on the store which is imported from VidaXL.
  • Enter the Customer Id in the next section. Customer Id is a unique id which is used to create order on the Prestashop store which is imported from VidaXL.
  • In the Order statusselect the current order status which appears by default.
  • In the Order status when acknowledgeselect the order status to appear when the order has been acknowledged.
  • In the Order status when shippedselect the order status to appear when the order has been shipped.
  • In the Order Carrier, select the order carrier set for particular orders while importing the VidaXL order.
  • In the Order Payment, select the order payment method set for each order while importing the VidaXL order.
  • In Auto Order Acknowledge/Reject, if Yes is selected, the order will be automatically accepted or rejected based on fulfillment status.


Cron Settings:

  • Enter the Cron Secure Key, to keep your cron secure.
  • The Sync Inventory Price, Fetch and Create Order Crons are mentioned below.
  • Click on the Save Button to save all the settings.
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