4.Mautic Integration settings

This process here corresponds to creating different contact fields and segments – embedded in the integration plugin – on Mautic as per your unique business needs.

  • To do this, first, click Mautic>Settings on the top Menu bar. Once you click on this option you’re redirected to the page where the desired fields are embedded. There are 3 important tabs, here is how they appear:
  • General Information Tab: It shows the connection status. Whether its established or not. Here is how it looks if the connection is established:

And this how it looks when there is communication channel is broken.


There is one more important field you can see on this tab → Export Customers (see in the image below):

integration add-on

  • If facing an issue with error #404: It looks like an error (error # 404). If it happens again, report it to the system administrator! else, Whenever such error comes, clear the cache of mautic and try to connect again.

  • Contact Properties Tab:These are the fields which capture a unique dimension of a customer’s information. There are 60+ contact properties embedded in the plugin as shown in the following image:


You can create the desired Contact Property on the Mautic account,

To create the property, simply click Create against the property name.

  • Segments:This section contains several user role types. These are used to target customers target with dedicated campaigns as per the user-profiles they belong to. These are embedded in the plugin and can be created at Mautic.

To create the segment, simply click Create against the segment name.

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