Configuration Settings

Once the module has been installed, the first necessary step needs to be taken by the admin is to complete the Configuration.

To do the Configuration Settings

  1. Go to your OpenCart Admin panel.
    The page appears as shown in the following figure-
  2. Click on Ced Taobao Importer which is on the left navigation bar.
    The tab appears as shown in the following figure:
  3. From the menu that appears as shown in the image above, click on Configuration.
  4. On clicking Configuration, you will be navigated to the Taobao Importer Configuration page as shown below:
  5. In Taobao Configuration Settings, do the following steps:
    1. In the Status box, select the Enable option to enable the module.
    2. In the OT-Commerce Instance Key box, enter the OT key.
    3. In the Default Language option, select your language option.
    4. In the Google Translator API key box, enter Translation Key to translate product data into various store languages
  6. Click on Save and Validate option to save the information & validate OT KEY as well.
  7. Now move to the 2nd section of the Configuration settings ie – Default Values. This page opens up as:
  8. In Default Values options, do the following steps:
    1. In the Available date enter the date associated with the product import.
    2. From the Tax Class, choose the tax imposed on the products as downloadable or taxable.
    3. From the Length Class, Choose the desired length you wish either centimeter, millimeter or inch.
    4. From the Weight Class, Select the desired weight as kilogram, gram, pound or ounce.
    5. Choose the Default Category of the product from the next section.
  9. Now move to the last section of the Configuration, ie Field Mapping.
    The page appears as shown in the following figure:
  10.  Choose the desired attributes from the drop-down menus and click on the Save button to complete the configuration process.Save and Validate
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