Product Management

In case of products, the admin may take multiple actions for the products.

For product management,

  1. Go to your OpenCart admin panel.
  2. On the top navigation bar, place cursor on Products
  3. On clicking it, you will be navigated to the page as shown below:
  4. In the Product Settings, do the following steps:
    1. In the Name box,  you can see the name of the item.
    2. In the Model, you can see the model number of the item.
    3. In the Final Price box, you can see the price of the item at Shopee.
    4. In the Quantity box, you can see the total no. of the quantity of the item.
    5. In the Status box, you can see the status of the item (as saved while creating product profile)
    6. In the Profile, you can see the name of the profile.
    7. In the Shopee Product Status box, you can see the status of the item on Shopee (as saved while creating product profile)
    8. In the Upload All, use this button if you want to upload all of the listings at once on the Shopee.
    9. In the Update button, use this button to update the selected products on Shopee.
    10. In the Update Quantity, use this button to sync inventory of the products on Shopee.
    11. In the Update Price, use this button to sync price of the products on Shopee.
    12. In the Delete, use this button to delete the items on Shopee.

To edit the product:

  1. Click on Action Button.
  2. For editing a product, click on the Edit Product in the last column under Actions.
    The page will appear as:
  3. Once clicked on the Action button, the tab appears as shown below:
  4. Whatever the logistics data you have filled in the above options for the particular product that will send as a priority to Shopee.
    (Note: One logistic is mandatory to select & if any logistic has required Shipping fee that box should be green in color & you have to set custom fee for it (in case that logistic is selected)
  5. In Wholesales, If you set wholesale price then it will get set to that particular product as priority.
  6. After viewing click on Save button to save the information.
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