Retrieve API Credentials From the Tophatter Seller Panel

Once the extension is successfully installed in the Magento store, the Tophatter menu appears on the top navigation bar of the Admin Panel. The merchant has to fill out the API credentials on the Tophatter Configuration page of the admin panel.

The user has to log in the Tophatter Seller account to obtain the following API credentials:

  • Seller Id
  • Access Token

After obtaining the details, the merchant has to copy all of them one by one from the Tophatter Seller account and paste it one by one to the Tophatter Configuration page of the admin panel of the store.

To retrieve the API credentials

  1. Go to the Tophatter Seller Panel link.
  2. Enter the login credentials.
  3. In the right-upper corner, click the Account menu.
  4. In the left navigation panel, click the API link.
    The page appears as shown in the following figure:
  5. Click the Generate New API Key button to generate the Seller ID and the Access Token.
  6. Copy the Seller ID value and the Access Token value.
  7. Save the corresponding values in some text editor or the in Word file to use it later on while setting up the configuration settings.
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