Add New Profile

Procedure to Add A New Profile:

1. Go to the Magento Admin panel.

2. On the top navigation bar, point to the NeweggB2B menu. The menu appears as shown:

  1. Click Manage Profiles. The NeweggB2B Profile Listing page appears as shown: 
  2. Click the Add New Profile button. The page appears as shown: 
  3. In the left panel, under Profile Information, do the following steps:
    • In the Profile Code box, enter the profile code. (Note: It is only for the internal use. Use the unique profile code with no spaces. Start with small letters.)
    • In the Profile Name box, enter the name of the profile. (Note: Use the unique name to identify the profile.)
    • In the Status list, select Active to enable the profile. (Note: The Inactive option disables the profile.)
  4. Click Profile Category Mappings in the left side menu of the page. The section will appear in the right as: 
    • In the right panel, go to the NeweggB2B Category Mapping section.
    • In the Select Category Mapping field, search the required NeweggB2B category that you want to map.
    • Then, in the second search box, Select the Sub Category of the parent category as shown in the below figure. 
    • Now, move down to the NeweggB2B Attribute Mapping (Required/ Optional mapping) section. 
    • In the Magento Catalog Attribute column, select the required Magento attribute from the corresponding list to map it with the corresponding NeweggB2B attribute present on the left side of the table.
    • In case the required attribute does not exist in the corresponding list, then select –Set Default Value– from the corresponding list. A box will appear in the Default Value column next to corresponding Magento Catalog Attribute column as shown below: 
    • Enter the Default Value in the box as per your need.
    • Click the Add Attribute button to add more attributes.
  5. In the Profile Products, As you can see all the products will be listed in the table as shown: 
    • Select the check boxes associated with the required products that you want to assign to the profile. Note: Admin can assign one product to one profile only. It means, admin can assign multiple products to the same profile but can associate a product only to one profile at one time. To assign a product to another profile, the admin has to remove that product from the currently assigned profile.)
  6. Click Select All to select all the products available in the store. (Note: To clear the selection, click the Unselect All link.)
  7. Click the Select Visible link to select the products displayed on the current page. (Note: To clear the selection, click the Unselect Visible link.)
  8. Click the Save button. The profile will be created and you will be navigated to the NeweggB2B Profile Listing page. A success message will appear on the page as highlighted in the image below and the newly created profile will be listed in the column.
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