Allegro is one of the most popular eCommerce marketplaces in Poland with more 125k registered sellers and retailers selling to 21 million registered customers. Allegro is contributing greatly towards eCommerce in Poland and has 1 million products currently live under a wide range of categories and sub-categories.

CedCommerce’s Allegro Integration for Magento is a tool to sell on Allegro marketplace directly via your Magento panel with multiple automated features like synchronized inventory, orders, products and much more. This is an API based eCommerce connector that establishes a real-time communication channel between the API of Magento and Allegro store. This Allegro Magento integration comes with various efficient tools for you to achieve simplified selling.

Key Features:

Bulk Product Upload System: This eCommerce tool provides the flexibility to upload the products in bulk on

Profile-based Product Upload: Enables the admin to create a profile based on the single category, and then assign the products to the profile to automate the product upload.

Synchronized Inventory: At regular intervals, this Allegro Magento Integration automatically synchronizes the product listing, order, inventory, and pricing

Return & Refunds: The return and refund policy is easily executed by the extension as the original payment is refunded and is processed back for purchasing the order.

Product Management: This feature enables you to upload the product from your Magento store to in categories that Allegro allows to list.

Notifications: The notifications on email are received by the admin of the new order creation, low stock, and if any of the order is rejected during the uploading from Allegro.

Real-Time Synchronisation: The synchronization of inventory is automated that provides access to real-time reports of order and inventory that results in the reduction of errors.

Streamline Order Processing: With the embedded crons the sales order and purchase are done that makes the selling on Allergo efficient.

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