Product Description

Vendor Singapore Post Shipping is an addon for CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace developed in Magento 2. This addon is useful for vendors in case they want to set Singapore Post shipping charges for their products. This module is dependent on Vendor Multi Shipping Addon. Vendor Singapore Post Shipping is very similar to Singapore Post Shipping for Magento 2.


With the help of this module, the vendor can enable or disable Singapore Post methods for his products as well as the vendor can set specific countries for shipping of his products. The vendor has to set the shipping address then only the customer will see the Singapore Post shipping rate for the vendor’s products. The shipping address for Singapore Post is divided into three zones as zone1, zone2 & zone3. Each zone contains a specific set of countries and shipping rates are charged according to the specific zone.


Singapore Post shipping has local as well as international shipping facility so it ships the products from Singapore to all the countries of all the above zones. Singapore Post shipping method calculates charges based on the weight of the products. The weight of the products is taken in the unit of a gram for the Singapore Post Shipping method. There are two shipping methods defined for Singapore Post Shipping:-

  1. Airmail services
  2. Surface mail Services

Since this addon is dependent on Vendor Multi Shipping Addon, therefore, CedCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace and Vendor Multi Shipping Addon have to be installed before installing Vendor Singapore Post Shipping otherwise, this addon won’t function properly.

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