Outstanding Features of Addon

For Customer:

  • Through Geolocation, it will fetch the customer’s current location and filter products on the category as well as search page with the selected location/zip code (based on the configuration).
  • If a customer wants to change the location he can change from the frontend.
  • A customer can not add products to the cart until he doesn’t select any location.
  • Validation at checkout that the products added in the cart are available for the selected shipping or billing address.

For Admin

  • Admin can add multiple ship areas and zip codes using .csv (File Type) for the respective ship area.
  • Admin needs to enter the map API key for geolocation and Google autocomplete location.
  • Admin can set the Filter type from the configuration. There are three types of the filter defined in admin panel :
    • Filter products by City, Country, and State (customer can buy products which are available to deliver in his city, state, and country)
    • Filter products by Zipcode (customer can buy products which are available to deliver in the customer’s zip code)
    • Filter products by Distance – Admin can define the filter range and can select the unit (km or miles)
  • Admin can also define the popup title, which is displayed to the customer at the frontend to enter the location or zip code.

For Vendor

  • A vendor can add multiple ship areas and multiple zip codes using CSV (File Type) for shipping.
  • A vendor can also manage the zip codes for the shipping area, can add a single zip code, can delete/edit the zipcode for the shipping area.
  • A vendor can edit/delete the ship Location.
  • At the time of vendor registration, geolocation will fetch the current location of the vendor and autofill the field, latitude, and longitude fields, and if a vendor wants he/she can change the location by Google autocomplete location in the registration page.
  • A vendor can also select the multiple ship areas for each product (if admin selects Filter location – Product location in the configuration).



  • 100% open source
  • Easy Installation and Extension Configuration Process
  • User-friendly interface
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