Product Description

Vendor Commission Addon is a miscellaneous commission rate module for Magento 2 which facilitates the admin to set miscellaneous conditional rates for every purchase of his vendors’ products. Since this is an addon, therefore, CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace should be installed before the installation of Vendor Commission Addon to ensure proper functioning.

These miscellaneous commission rates can be set for the following types of conditions:-

  • By Product Type Wise (which includes all the default Magento 2 available product types like Simple, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, Virtual and downloadable)
  • By Category (to which the vendor’s products belong)

For every condition, admin can set the commission fee and also the calculation method i.e. fixed/percentage. Admin can set these rates vendor-wise, vendor group-wise (if Vendor Group Addon installed) and globally (default settings as set from system configuration).


Note: If the product falls under both the conditions then the commission rates will be applicable according to the priority and the two defined rules i.e. either minimum or maximum between the two commission rates. This rule also can be defined by the admin.
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