Managing Synchronisation Policy

You need to provide the details of the following fields to create a new synchronization policy:

1. Title: You need to provide the name of the policy for internal identification.

2. Cron Settings:

  • Product Upload: Enable this setting to upload the products automatically on TikTok. If a new product is created on your Magento 2 store then it gets uploaded on TikTok automatically when this setting is enabled. However, the product must satisfy the query condition of any listing template.
  • Product Update: Enable this setting to update the product details automatically on TikTok once it is modified on your Magento 2 store. However, the product must satisfy the query condition of any listing template.
  • Inventory/Price Sync: Enable this setting to update the price & inventory automatically on TikTok if there is an update on your Magento 2 store. This option is dependent on the Product Update setting.
  • Product Assign: Enable this setting to assign the products automatically in a listing template if it matches a query condition

3. Product Settings:

  • Sync Not Visible Individually Products: Enabling this option means the products marked as “Not Visible Individually” in your Magento store will also be synced with TikTok.
  • Only Specific Attributes Syncing: This option will allow you to synchronize all product attributes to TikTok only when selected attributes are updated in your Magento 2 store. Once enabled, you need to select the specific product attribute(s) that the connector module should observe. For instance, if you enable this option and there are three attributes: Color, Size, and Quantity, and you specifically select Color, then any update in the Color attribute of a Magento product triggers the synchronization of all attributes—Color, Size, and Quantity—to TikTok. However, in the scenario where an update occurs in the Size attribute of a Magento product, no synchronization will take place since you didn’t choose to observe this attribute. If this option is disabled, all product attributes will be synchronized to TikTok whenever there is an update in any of them.

4. Activity Log:

  • Enabled: Records and stores data related to all activities within the synchronization process.
  • Disabled: No activity log data will be recorded or stored, omitting a record of the synchronization activities.

5. Synchronization Feed Log:

  • Enabled: Maintains a detailed log of all synchronization feeds, providing a comprehensive record of data exchanges between your Magento 2 store and TikTok.
  • Disabled: Synchronization feed logs will not be recorded, thus not retaining any details of the data synchronization events.
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