Managing Order Policy

You need to provide the details of the following fields to create a new order policy:

  • Title: You need to provide the name of the policy for internal identification.
  • Create Order In Magento: Enabling this option will create the TikTok orders in your Magento 2 store. If this option is disabled then the TikTok orders will not synced & created on Magento. Enabling this option will display the following related fields for order policy.

A. Order Settings:

  • Create Order When: Choose an order status on TikTok when you want an order to be fetched & created in your Magento 2 store.
  • Alternate SKU Attribute: If the SKU attribute of a product on TikTok is different from the SKU attribute on your Magento 2 store but TikTok’s SKU attribute value exists in any other custom attribute in your Magento 2 store then you can map both of them with each other here by selecting the relevant Magento 2 custom attribute. Once mapped, the values of that custom attribute will be used to find that product in Magento & then its order will be created in Magento.
  • If Product Not Exist: Select your preferences for the cases when the ordered product on TikTok doesn’t exist in Magento with the same SKU as in TikTok. If you choose the “Create Product And Order” option then one product with SKU “default_{marketplace}_sku” will get created in Magento with custom options and used as an order item. However, if you choose the “Do Not Create Order” option, then the order for that product will not get created in your Magento 2.
  • Order for OutOfStock/Disabled Product: Enable this option if you want to create an order on your Magento store for a product that is out of stock or disabled.
  • Use Magento Taxes: Enable this option if you wish to incorporate the Magento tax amount as well over the grand total of TikTok orders.
  • Allow Order Notification: Enabling this option will notify you once an order is created in the Magento store. Once enabled, you will be able to provide an email address to receive the email notification.
  • Order ID Prefix: You can provide a prefix here for the order ID to differentiate TikTok orders in the order grid of your Magento 2 store. If the generated order ID for a TikTok order is 000000290 and the prefix provided here is “ALIMP” then the updated order ID will be ALIMP-000000290 in your Magento 2 store.

B. Invoice Settings:

  • Invoice Creation: Enabling this option will create the invoice of a TikTok order in the Magento 2 store.

C. Shipment Settings:

  • Shipment Creation: Enabling this option will create a shipment on TikTok as well once an order has been shipped to your Magento store.
  • Carrier Mapping: This option allows you to map the Magento shipping carrier with its counterpart on TikTok. For instance, if you use a carrier called “DHL” in Magento, and on TikTok, it’s listed as “DHL Europe” you can map these carriers. Consequently, when you ship a product using “DHL” on Magento, it will automatically sync and display the corresponding “DHL” shipping carrier on TikTok.

D. Customer Settings:

  • Customer: Here you can choose one of the following options as per your preferences:
  • Guest Customer: Guest Checkout will be used for creating an order in your Magento store.
  • Real Customer: A unique customer will be created in Magento based on the customer email ID associated with a TikTok order, for example customers will get created with {customer_id}@{marketplace}.com email and used for Magento sales orders.
  • Same Customer: If you choose this option then you need to provide an email ID & the customer account associated with that email ID will be used for creating all TikTok orders in your Magento store. A new customer account will be created if it does not already exist in your Magento store.

E. Order Status Mapping:

  • Add Order Status: It will enable you to map TikTok order statuses with the Magento order statuses.

Save the policy once done.

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